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Blue Mountain Lorikeets are great pets. They are exceptionally playful and very inquisitive. With repetition they will learn many new words quickly and easily. They can be a bit messy, so cages have to be cleaned often.  

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DVD Baby Photo Libary


When you purchase a new Lori with us we will provide you with a DVD full of photos taken while they were growing! 


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​I purchased two Lori's from Sara and have been very happy with her assistance while we gotten acquainted with each other. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a knowledgeable breeder. 

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Rainbow Lorikeets Clermont, FL

ready to


Sally Freestone, Lakeland FL

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  • Pest Free
  • Hand Feed
  • New Owner Guide
  • DVD Baby Photos
  • Free Bag of Fruit
  • Free Can of Nectar
  • Free Chew Toy
  • Follow-up Care
  • Newsletter Updates
  • Playful Lories Club

Getting Setup


Four new baby Blue Mountain (Rainbow) Lorikeets have been purchased. These birds will start the aviary we are currently in the process of creating.


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We're Expanding


We love Blue Mountain Lories so much we have decided to add two more cages!


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